Attention: Only for the Selective Pittsburgh Steelers Fans Looking for Bling!!!

Are You Looking for Pittsburgh Steelers Products made with Swarovski Crystals??

Get the most blinged out Steelers products on the market using Austrian Swarovski Crystals right here at Steelers Bling.

You love the Steelers but you don't want to look like every other fan. You want to add a little bit of luxury and bling to your outfit but have you've noticed it's been harder and harder to find.

The average Steelers fan just wears a hat or T-shirt with the team logo on it. But you are not average, are you? You want to add some extra glamour and show your support in style.

Did You Know Swarovski is No Longer Making Hot Fix Crystals?

In 2021, Swarovski decided to stop making loose crystals available for purchase, except to a select group of luxury brand retailers.

We've only used genuine Swarovski Crystals from Austria on each product. Because we use smaller crystals, not only do you get more but this gives each piece a richer, more luxurious feel that's hard to find elsewhere. Our products are also rare and hard to find. Now that Swarovski is no longer making the Crystals being used for these products, you will be hard pressed to find these anywhere on the internet!

You will be sure to stand out from the crowd as each crystal is meticulously applied by hand, by a DIE HARD FAN like yourself, so no two pieces are exactly alike. Whether you're dressing up for game day or just going out on the town, we've got you covered.
Swarovski Crystal packages with hotfix tool and headrest

My name is Cindy Long and I married into a Steelers family. But, I have always been a Steelers Fan and a DIE HARD FAN!!

Because I am a Die Hard Steelers Fan, I am only offering these vintage Steelers products and I do not bling out any other NFL team like many others.  
Cindy Long showing her Steelers Pride in a Pittsburgh Steelers blinged out cowboy hat.
Steelers Family Photo wearing their Pittsburgh Steelers Shirts at Thanksgiving

Get the quality you deserve today!

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Steelers Swarovski Ladies Black Hat
White Swarovski Bling Women's Steeler Hat
Swarovski Bling Purse
Swarovski Bling Auto Headrest
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